A restaurant in the center of Arandjelovac inspired by the flavors of Italian cuisine.
A new experience of enjoying food and unusual ambience.

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Bread seeded wholemeal bread, white bread, breadsticks, potato bread, projica (Serbian homemade corn bread) 250g  190
Pizza Pana 250g190
Focaccia olive oil-rich Italian bread with garlic 150g190
Chia pudding with fresh fruit and honey chia pudding, pieces of fresh seasonal fruit, yogurt and honey 300g400
Granola with seasonal fruit  granola, Greek yogurt, seasonal fruit 300g350
Porridge with peanut butter and coconut  oatmeal, peanut butter, coconut, banana, hazelnuts, raspberry and fresh seasonal fruit 300g450
Fried zucchini with prosciutto
French toast with ham and mozzarella 300g490
Wholemeal bread with peanut butter, bananas, honey and cocoa 200g350
Uštipak (deep fried dough), sweet and salty (6 pcs.)  kajmak (buttery milk cream), ajvar (traditional minced red pepper salad) and Nutella 500g590
Kačamak with pancetta and kajmak (Cornmeal with cheese and homemade buttery milk cream) 300g490
Frittata (Eggs, goat cheese, asparagus, hot peppers, leeks, cherry tomatoes) 400g650
Benedict (Hollandaise sauce, jaja, panceta, asparagus, toasted bread) 300g650
Italian Shakshouka (Eggs, mozzarella, pelate, basil, parmesan) 300g750
Becco omelette (5 eggs, mozzarella, pancetta, kajmak (buttery milk cream), peppers, mushrooms, zucchini, cheese) 400g890
Omelette of your choice (vegetables/ham/cheese) 400g490
Spinach and egg white omelette 400g550
Scrambled eggs on toast with sausage 250g650
Becco breakfast 2 sunny-side up eggs, sausage, ajvar, kajmak (buttery milk cream),  mixed green salads 500g990
Wholemeal bread with avocado, poached eggs and prosciutto/smoked salmon 300g890/1090


Pollo sandwich (chicken, parmesan cheese, burger sauce, tomato, pickled cucumber) 400g  890
Grilled sandwich with prosciutto and kajmak (buttery milk cream) 400g790
Grilled sandwich with kulen/ham/mortadella and kajmak (kulen – spicy pork sausage) 400g590
Caesar sandwich 400g890
Becco quesadilla chicken fillet, parmesan cheese, Caesar dressing, mozzarella 400g850
Mountain sandwich (eggs, kajmak, prosciutto) 400g690


Bruschetta pomodoro tomato, basil and garlic, parmesan cheese and pesto sauce 300g370
Bruschetta prosciutto prosciutto and avocado cream 300g650
Bruschetta with gorgonzola, prosciutto and caramelized peaches 250g990
Bruschetta tuna, leek, mayonnaise 250g650
Fried stuffed peppers 300g690
Baked feta cheese with cherry tomatoes, garlic and focaccia 300g790
Pollo Primavera (chicken fillet, parsley, paprika, parmesan, panko breadcrumbs) 300g750
Crispy cheese mozzarella, french fries, tatar 250g790
Eggplant rolls (prosciutto, mozzarella, parmesan, tomato paste) 580g1190
Zucchini stuffed with spicy feta on tomato pelata 480g600
Piazza plate with Italian delicacies 250 g1690
Steak Tartare 150 gr (butter, toast)1990

Children’s plate

Chicken strips 500g590
Baby Margherita 400g550
Pasta with tomato sauce 400g550

Chowders, soups and pottage

Daily pottage 400g290
Tomato stew with pizza dough filled with mozzarella 400g550
Salmon chowder 400g590
Veal chowder 400g490
Minestrone soup with 14 types of vegetables and chicken 400g390

Salad as a meal

Caesar salad 500g1090
Smoked salmon salad 500g1290
Chicken cream salad with toasted toast and mixed salad in fruit dressing (chicken fillet, sour cream, mayonnaise, orange, pineapple, toasted bread) 415g750
Beef Tenderloin salad 500g1690
Chicken salad with white sauce 500g990
Avocado couscous salad orange, avocado, couscous, cashew 500g850
Tuna salad 500g850
Salad with caramelized peaches and Halloumi cheese 250g990


Becco Special (pelati, mozzarella, kulen (spicy pork sausage), Njeguški prosciutto, feta cheese) 600g1590
Pizza di Nonna (pelati, mozzarella, pancetta) 600g1490
Margherita (pelati, mozzarella, basil) 500g690
Vesuvio (pelati, ham, mozzarella) 600g1090
Capricciossa (pelati, mozzarella, ham, mushrooms) 600g1190
Diavola (pelati, mozzarella, kulen (spicy pork sausage), parmesan cheese) 600g1290
Prosciutto (pelati, mozzarella, San Daniele prosciutto) 600g1490
Mortadella and pistachios (cream cheese, mortadella, pistachios) 600g1290
Quattro Formaggi (four kinds of cheese) 600g1290
Milano (pelati, mozzarella, spicy salami Milano, parmesan cheese) 600g1390
Vegetariana (lenten food) (pelati, zucchini, peppers, spinach, mushrooms, olives 600g1290
Tunna (lenten food) (pelati, mozzarella, onion, olives, solid tuna, plant based cheese) 600g890
Pollo Bianca (chicken fillet, mozzarella, neutral cooking cream, cherry tomatoes, plant based cheese) 600g1190
Italian piroshka with ham/kulen 350g690/990

*Small pizza is charged 70% of the price

Pasta from Becco kitchen

Pasta Aglia a Olio 400g650
Pasta with homemade tomato sauce 400g750
Pasta Carbonara 400g950
Pasta Bolognese (tomato sauce, beef stew, parmesan cheese) 400g1190
Pasta Quattro Formaggi 400g1090
Pasta Pollo Pesto (chicken, pesto sauce, neutral cooking cream and prosciutto) 400g1150
Pasta Alfredo (turkey, parmesan cheese, cream, spinach, prosciutto) 400g1290
Pasta with prosciutto, zucchini and mozzarella 400g950
Pasta with prosciutto and porcini mushrooms 250g1490
Pasta gratin with rump steak and truffles 400g950
Gnocchi au gratin with strip steak and porcini mushrooms 400g1490
Lasagna (tomato sauce, beef stew, parmesan cheese) 400g1450


Shrimp risotto 400g1190
Mushroom risotto 400g1090
Risotto with vegetables 400g790
Chicken and mushroom risotto 400g1290
Risotto contains parmesan chesse.

Dishes prepared in the Mibrasa oven

Grilled chicken breast with vegetables (chicken breast, zucchini, eggplant, mushrooms, peppers) 500g890
Chicken with avocado, cherry tomato and parmesan sauce 400g1150
Chicken fillet with sun-dried tomato salsa served with assorted gnocchi 500g1190
Chicken Quattro Formaggio (chicken breast, four kinds of cheese, veggies potatoes) 400g1390
Involtini stuffed chicken rolls in mushroom cream sauce on pasta 610g1190
Stuffed turkey breast with crispy vegetables (turkey breast, pancetta, mozzarella, peppers, zucchini, sun-dried tomatoes, pesto sauce, mushrooms) 400g1390
Parma turkey (turkey fillet, tomato paste, mashed potatoes, pesto sauce, parmesan) 650g1290
Gourmet patty in dough with kajmak (buttery milk cream) Smoked cheese, pancetta, red onion, kajmak, gouda cheese 300g1090
Gourmet pork neck 400g950
Stuffed hanger steak with spinach and pancetta on potato purée 500g1090
Kebabs in cream sauce 700g1190
Strip steak with parmesan cheese sauce (strip steak, spicy potatoes with hot peppers, parmesan cheese sauce) 400g1790
Baked potatoes with sour cream and vegetables/chicken 720g690/890
Smoked ham hock roasted with potatoes and kajmak (buttery milk cream) and horseradish sauce 500g1290
Smoked ham hock roasted with gorgonzola sauce and mlinci  (thin-dried flatbread) 500g1490
Veal cutlets 300g2290
Dry-Aged Burger  (beef aged for 30 days) 400g1090
Turkey with mincemeat 400g1490

Dry aged beef

Chef’s recommendation

Osso Bucco a la milanaise (Diagonally cut beef leg, slowly stewed in vegetable sauce and quality dry Tarpoš wine, on risotto with saffron and white wine, Milan style) 800g3200
Beef steak 300g2690
Steak 150g in gorgonzola sauce with green beans and sweet potato 570g2190
Steak 150g in green pepper sauce with green blueberries and sweet potato 400g2190
T-Bone (aged for 10 days) 1 kg4900
Rib Eye (aged for 40 days) 1 kg5900


Gorgonzola 150g… 290 / Mix of mushrooms 150g… 590 /4 types of pepper 150g… 290 / Truffles150g… 450


Salmon from Mibrasa oven on pea puree 400g 1990
Salmon in sweet and sour lemon sauce with asparagus and sweet potato 360g1590
Smoked trout fillet on chard 400g1390
Fried squid with crispy vegetables 400g1390
Fish and chips Bakalar 415g 1290
Cod in Mediterranean sauce 460g1490


Goat cheese with rosemary in olive oil 300g350
Tomato 300g350
Lettuce 300g300
Cucumber 300g250
Coleslaw Salad 300g250
Greek Salad 300g490
Serbian Salad 300g450
Mix green salads with pine nuts and parmesan cheese 300g490
Shopska Salad 300g420
Arugula with cherry tomatoes and Parmesan cheese 300g420
Hot peppers fresh / grilled – piece90/150
Grilled sweet peppers 200g390
Vitamin Salad 300g350
Garden Salad for 2 500g750

Side dishes

French fries 200g390
Sweet potato fries 200g450
Dipper potatoes 200g450
Grilled vegetables 200g450
Grilled mushrooms 200g450
Seasoned potatoes 200g450
Au gratin potatoes 200g450
Baby carrot with butter 200g290


Tres leches 250g270
Ice cube cake 200g160
Tiramisu 200g300
Cheesecake 100g300
Cheesecake pistachio 100g300
Chocolate soufflé with vanilla ice cream 150g500
Crème Brûlée 150300
Poppy seed and white chocolate cake 135g240
Apple pie with vanilla sauce 150g450
Bajadera (nougat praline with almonds, hazelnuts or walnuts) 150g300
Becco pistachios 100g400
Pancakes with chocolate, vanilla cream and red fruits 250g590
Wheat with whipped cream 200 gr300
Fruit plate 300g350
Ice cream – scoop 100g160

Drink card

Hot beverages

Double espresso280
Espresso with milk180
Espresso with whipped cream210
Espresso with milk and whipped cream220
Cappucinno 220
Affogato coffee290
Caffe Latte230
Ice caffe350
Nescafe with whipped cream260
Tea Milford150
Tea Althaus230
Homemade coffee140
Homemade coffee with milk150
Homemade coffee with whipped cream160
Hot chocolate ERACLEA290
Hot chocolate ERACLEA with whipped cream320
Milk shake320
Milk shake homemade370
Plazma shake370

Freshly squeezed juices

Fresh orange juice 0.2 l330
Fresh orange juice 0.1 l220
Lemonade 0.3 l240
Lemonade 1 l650
Lemonade with ginger 0.3 l (warm/cold)                    290
Lemonade with mint 0.3 l290
Fresh grapefruit juice 0.3 l390
Relax 0.3 l (orange, carrot, apple)390
Detox 0.3 l (lemon, grapefruit, apple, carrot, beetroot, ginger)390
Citrus 0.3 l (orange, lemon, grapefruit, apple390
Vitamin bomb 0.3 l (orange, lemon, grapefruit, honey)390
Fresh apple juice 0.3l270
Fresh apple juice 0.2l170

Ready to drink

Somersby cider330
Smirnoff Ice330

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Aqua Viva 0.25 l160
Aqua Viva 0.75 l270
Knjaz Miloš 0.25 l160
Knjaz Miloš 0.75 l270
Sanpellegrino 0.25 l230
Sanpellegrino 0.75 l370
Acqva Panna 0.25 l220
Acqva Panna 0.75 l370
Sanpellegrino Aranciata 0.2 l290
Golf juices 0.2  l240
Fuze Tea peach 0.25 l240
Coca Cola 0.25 l240
Coca Cola Zero 0.25 l240
Fanta Orange 0.25 l240
Sprite 0.25 l240
Cockta 0.25l240
Tonic water 0.25 l240
Schweppes Bitter Lemon 0.25 l240
Fentimans Rose Lemonade 0.2 l350
Guarana 0.25 l240
Red Bull 0.25 l350
Cedevita drink 0.2 l220

Alcoholic drinks

JW red label260
JW black label420
Chivas 12 Y.O.420
Jack Daniels350
Jack Single barrel620
Jim Beam320
Olmeca Blanco270
Olmeca Gold270
Havana 3280
Bacardi oakheart280
Gorki list 190
Martini rosso270
Martini dry270
Remy Martin VSOP520
Rakija / Brandy
Aleksandrović brandy XO620
Aleksadrović Loza270
Sokolova, 12 -year-old  plum brandy620
Vinjak 5 Rubin, brandy270
Zarić plum brandy Kraljica270
Zarić quince brandy Nostalgija270
Zarić apricot brandy Magija270
Zarić Williams pear brandyNirvana270
Zarić sour cherry brandy Koketa270
Zarić raspberry Medena270
Korusac raspberry liqueur270
Grape brandy 13. jul180
Plum brandy Zdanje320
Stella Artois 0.33 l340
Kabinet Brewery Brka 0.33 l340
Kabinet Brewery Supernova 0.33 l340
Blanc 1664 0.33 l340
Budweiser dark 0.33 l340
Budweiser light 0.33 l290
Heineken 0.25 l290
Heineken 0.0 alc 0.25 l320
Birra Moretti 0.33 l280
Tuborg 0.33 l280
Estrella 0,33 l290


Sparkling wines

Prosecco 0.2 l/0.75 l500/1900
Champagne Trijumf Aleksandrović 0.75 l3100
Mionneto Prosecco 0.75 l2200
Fresco Bianco 0.75 l1800
Champagne Moet 0.75 l9500

White wines

Sauvignon Blanc 0.150 l/0.75 l Tarpoš “our winery“500/2450
Chardonnay 0.150 1/0.75 1 Tarpoš. “our winery“500/2450
Cuvee (sauvignon /chardonnay) 0.150 1/0.75 1 Tarpoš “our winery“350/1600
Tamjanika 0.150 l/0.75 l Tarpoš “our winery“500/2450
Harizma Chardonnay 0.75 1 Winery Aleksandrović2700
Trijumf selection Sauvignon Blanc 0.75 1 Winery Aleksandrović2900
Chardonnay 0.75 1 Winery Aresenijević2500
Sauvignon Blanc Kraljeva 0.75 1 Winery Oplenac2500
Chardonnay 2018 0.75 1 Winery Eden2900
Sauvignon Blanc 0.75 1 Winery Eden2600
Tamjanika 0.75 1 Winery Zmajevac2600
Legat 1903 Chardonnay3500
Legat 1903 Viognier 3500
Legat 1903 Muscat Petit Grain 2500
Late Harvest Traminac (sweet dessert wine) 0.375 1 Winery Aleksandrović2900
Rose wines
Rose Tarpoš 0.150 1/0.75 1 Tarpoš “our winery“500/2450
Varijanta Aleksandrović 0.75 12500
Rose 0.75 1 Winery Zmajevac2500
Wine Rose 0.75 1 Winery Matijašević2500
Rose Luna 0.75 l Winery Draganić2500
Red wines
Cuvee (cabernet /merlot) 0.150 1/0.75 1 Tarpoš “our winery“350/1700
Tarpoš (merlot) 0.150 1/0.75 1 Tarpoš “our winery“550/2500
 “1804” (cabernet/merlot) 0.150 1/0.75 1 Tarpoš “our winery“650/3100
Regent (merlot/cabernet sauvignon) 0.75 1 Winery Aleksandrović3700
Prokupac 0.75 1 Winery Aleksandrović2900
Rodoslov Cabernet Sauvignon 0.75 1 Winery Aleksandrović5200
Suveren 0.75 1 King’s Winery Oplenac2700
Prokupac 0.75 1 Winery Zmajevac2700
Čukundeda Prokupac 0.75 1 Winery Matijašević2700
Genesis (merlot/cab.souv./cab.franc) 0.75 1 Winery Eden3400
Sangiovese Miracolo 0.75 1 Winery Draganić3400
Cabernet Sauvignon 0.75 1 Winery Arsenijević2900
Blackberry wine 0.2 1320
Aperol spritz690
Hugo spritz690
Spicy mango margarita690
Sex on the Beach690
Melon Martini490
Blue Lagoon590
Long Island Iced Tea690
The Lady490
Mai Tai690
Limone spritz690
Sogno di limone490
Paradise drops690
Mojito (non-alcoholic)490
 Tropical passion (non-alcoholic)490
Purple peach passion(non-alcoholic)490
Punch passion (non-alcoholic)490

Bon appétit

O nama

In the very center of Arandjelovac, not far from the city cinema and right next to the city library, there is the Piazza Becco restaurant. With a rich selection of Italian specialties as well as dishes from local cuisine, in a stylishly refined ambience inspired by the aesthetics of restaurants from metropolises around the world, we are here to offer an authentic experience of enjoying food.

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Knjaza Miloša 297, 34300 Aranđelovac
Working hours:
sun-thur 08:00-23:00
fri-sat 08:00-00:00.

Reservations: 069 3371347

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